With a history dating back to 1945, Valley® has spent more than 70 years as the industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market in Europe. Valley’s quality, reliability and durability give the route operator the desired revenue and return on investment, while Valley’s playability makes our table “The Players Choice".

Valley has led the industry with a legacy of innovation.  Dating back to our pioneering magnetic cue ball separation, which we had patented in 1966; the single-piece ball return ramp and coin boxes, 5 bolt cushion rail rubber for the perfect mix of responsiveness and durability.  The Valley Panther coin-operated pool table can be seen all over Europe in local bars, clubs, restaurants, and pool halls.  The Valley Panther 7 ft. model is ready to ship from our France distribution center within 48 hours of order placement.

Valley is a proud sponsor of the Valley National Eight Ball Association (VNEA), which is recognized around the world as “The Pool League" of choice.

Dynamo® Ltd. was born in the year 1973 in Dallas, Texas.  They found their niche in the U.S. market by offering a reliable, high quality coin operated pool table. The company continued to grow and added products to their line including coin operated air hockey tables. Dynamo’s line of coin operated air hockey tables became known as the finest in the world. Dynamo’s air hockey tables won the AMOA’s “Best Hockey Game™” award for 10 consecutive years, and have been approved for play by the U.S. Air Hockey Players Association.

Dynamo entered the European market place in the early 1990’s.  Their efforts were rewarded when, in 1995, they won the President’s “E” Award for export excellence. Dynamo products are now sold in over 40 countries worldwide, and their international market continues to grow.

Dynamo Air Hockey tables, Hot Flash and Firestorm are ready to ship from our France distribution center within 48 hours of order placement.

Buy direct from the manufacturer, ships within 72 hours from EU.



5 Bolt Cushion Rails for durability, responsiveness and accuracy.
One Piece ball return chute eliminates stuck balls.
Solid aluminum slate support for structural integrity and a flat playing surface.
Aramith’s 3 step layered process produces a perfectly balanced ball, the same weight and size of the object balls. Every Valley tables comes with an Aramith ball set, 4 Cues, 1 Triangle, and Chalk.



Electronic Coin Mechanism allows for multiple currencies. Standard set for EURO’s.
Smooth-corner top rails, powder coated for durability, no corner protectors needed.
Interactive LED lighting, mounted under a durable polycarbonate three-piece Dynamo-logo shield set.
Adjustable game sounds, with speaker placed behind each goal end for maximum player enjoyment.



Infrared jam-proof scoring ends to reduce jamming and down time.
Simple programming, PCB easily accessed through side-mount service door.
Proven long-life commercial-grade cabinet construction. A Dynamo Air Hockey table is an investment in quality.
Blacklight graphics light up the room!
Easy-to-read overhead LED scoring display

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